Shoulders and hips

i am a righty and when i pitch my landing left foot is always pointed to the left at about 45degrees from where it should be. my coach tells me im rotating my hips 2 early. is that why my landing foot points left? how can i fix this rotating-too-early problem? it seems whenever i try to hold back, that foot always lands the same way…

If you can get video of yourself pitching, I’d guess that you’d see that your shoulders are opening very early, probably just as you start your stride toward the plate. I think that, if you were to not rotate your shoulders until you land, that you’d find you wouldn’t be able to rotate your hips that much. I’m again going to make another big guess and say that your lead arm straightens out and drops down to your left side and maybe even behind you. Another big guess is that the glove does not remain turned over with the thumb down.

All wild guesses!!