Well the last 2 days i have thrown 40-50 pitches off flat ground… location has been pretty good but afterwards my elbow has been hurting where the yellow is:

then when i get up the next day my shoulder is hurting here:



I’ve never had elbow problems, always shoulder issues. The location of your should pain may be similar to what I’ve had 3 surgeries on to try an fix.

If it’s just soreness that’s probably no big deal, but if you’re experiencing sharp pain it could be shoulder impingement which could be fixed through icing and anti inflammatory medication, sometimes.

If the pain is so bad that you can’t pitch, it may need surgery to shave down the bone in there that causes impingement when your shoulder is inflamed.

If the icing and rest doesn’t work, see an orthopedic surgeon.

I went from velocity of 88 to 92, down to around 80 after my shoulder problems.

Coach Steve Rau