My situation is that whenever I throw my shoulder tends to hurt. Sometimes it’s the back, sometimes the front. My problem is that whenever i stop throwing it just goes back to normal and feeling perfect. I put my arm above my head without any problem. Also if i go through the throwing motion without a ball it feels perfect too. Any ideas why this would happen and what i can do.

See a sports medicine doctor.

This is bad. You should go see a doctor.

Also, it sounds like you may have a serious mechanical problem. Do you have a video of yourself throwing?

Are you saying that maybe with a mechanical alter, the arm trouble might go away??

Maybe, but you’ve got to see a doctor and see if you’ve damaged something in your shoulder.

Good mechanics won’t fix something that’s already broken (especially if you keep throwing).

Well to me depends the condition of your arm you could have hurt your rotator cuff or ligaments in the shoulder but… 2 years ago i had poor pitching mechanics and landed in the hospital with horrible shoulder pains… After Months of rehabing and changing my mechanics i never really have the problem… occassionally do catch some soreness though