Shoulder Tube exercises

My sons Shoulder Tube showed up today. It didnt come with any recommended exercises which kind of surprised me. Im wondering if anyone has exercises (body or arm positions) they would recommend. So far have just had him follow the track of his throwing motion. Thanks for any ideas.

You can always try the Thrower’s Ten exercises.

They told me they did not provide instruction for any of their products-I found a video on YouTube that my son uses and it worked out well. The link is . My son loves his.

Thanks Kaleb and BoPop for the replys. The video was very helpful, I also think I will integrate some of the throwers ten stuff. Both great suggestions. Thanks again.

Sorry, I meant kyleb not kaleb…your posts are always very good and thought provoking.

the youtube video is straight from a wolforth warm-up, so it’s legit. I’ve actually done it before and it gets your arm very warm and loose

Ohhh, you mean the Oates Shoulder Tube. I thought you meant SPRI bands or something. My mistake.