Shoulder tightness

so i was just messing around and going through my mechanics in my room…and it felt like i tweaked something in my shoulder a bit.

today i went and threw to see how it felt…it wasn’t really painful, but the more i threw the tighter it seemed to get. could it be a tear? or maybe just soreness or tendonitis?

No, it is not a tear or tendonitis. You would know. Trust me. Tightness usually means a minor strain, similar to whiplash.

i’m hoping it’s nothing serious, but i do have a double header both tomorrow and saturday…

It doesnt sound serious at the moment, BUT if you arent careful it could turn into a problem. Try massaging it REALLY deep with your other hand today. Maybe use some flexall on it as oil. It could get your muscles to loosen up a bit. That usually does the trick for me.