Shoulder tightness affects throwing velocity?

Shoulder tightness affects throwing velocity? Any ones opinion on this.

Yes shoulder tightness will affect throwing velocity.
The question is Why is there shoulder tightness?
Is there pain associated with the tightness?
Are you properly and thoroughly warming up?

Thanks for the reply, Theres no pain. I have a video from before it snowed i put up.

Ive had a few days to think about my question. Im thinking the shoulder tightness is from tensing up my arm\shoulder when im throwing and muscling the ball. I guess the shoulder and arm should be loose when throwing? Probably where the chains breaking, been working on trying to get good separation don’t know much about arm action.

The best way to prevent that shoulder tightness is for the pitcher to be sure he’s thoroughly warmed up. He needs to take as much time as he needs, and how much time depends on the individual pitcher—there is no hard and fast rule. One pitcher will require a good fifteen minutes; Mariano Rivera needed just seven or eight pitches and he was ready to go. And the kid needs to be sure he has his first and second best pitches all set. If there’s no pain or anything else, it’s just a matter of being loose and flexible. 8)