Shoulder Tendonitis

Hey im from connecticut n I’m a h.s. pitcher… goin into my junior year and I went to an orthopedic doctor cuz of my shoulder pain and said I have tendonitis after doin sum tests and x-rays… is there any way I can make that go away b/c when i long toss I get up to a certain distance maybe like 200 feet and I start feeling it alot even if I’m using my legs and my back and abs to throw… Any one have any advice?

As far as I know, tendonitis simply requires rest. But didn’t your doctor tell you what to do to get rid of it? If not, maybe you should ask him.

I already told you I got a cream in the chat room but that helped me out a ton

Roger yaeh my doctor gave me some pills but that was in April… he didn’t really give me any exercizes or anythin really just told me 2 rest it which i have but it keeps comin back