Shoulder tendonitis and torn bursa

I have posted previously about some shoulder problems I have had…well in our second to last game this season I heard and felt a pop in my shoulder. After seeing the team doctor and having an MRI done a few days after the incident, I found out that I have rotator cuff tendonitis and a slight tear on my bursa, which is covering my tendon. They ruled out a rotator cuff tear and labrum tear with the MRI…which I am obvisouly relieved about.

I just finished my prescription of oral cortisones. I am on my third day of therapy with my trainer.

My question is just if anyone has any experience in this area. I am jsut trying to get a feel for how long it may be before I can throw again. They are telling me a couple of weeks based on how my arm feels and such. I was told that the tear is nothing that needs surgery, but just therapy.

So any thoughts would be appreciated.
Thank you.

Have they talked at all about the root cause of the problem?

Do you have a video of yourself throwing?

I have a theory that problems like these may be related to taking the elbows above and behind the shoulders (as Mark Prior does in the photo below).

Team doctor? What level of ball are you playing? What did the doctor and trainer do to help you understand the origin of the problem? What exactly are the trainers objectives with your rehab?

It would be helpful to know which tendon has been diagnosed with tendinitis because that would help assess what you are doing, mechanically, that caused the problem in the first place. If you continue to throw with the same mechanic that caused the problem in the first place why would you expect to not have the same experience again?

It’s vital that you understand the specific stresses that caused the injury and then eliminate these stresses from your mechanic.

I am not a doctor but have an advanced understanding of how the shoulder works and I’ll be happy to help you explore this. Best wishes.


Thanks for the thoughts.

I am a junior in college and I am a right handed pitcher who throws sidearm and I have my whole life. My problem is that I open up when throwing a lot and my arm drags from behind. We did not have a pitching coach or anyone to help out our staff and so as the season went on I went from being on my game to having some trouble with my mechanics. I usually throw in the mid 80’s and have topped out at 89, but I do not know how hard I was throwing this year.

I am our closer and during the season I went 9 days without throwing in any games (5 games) and after that my coach started me in a game where I threw 52 pitches, which is a lot more than a closer usually throws and after that I could tell something was wrong with my mechanics and arm strenght and then it caught up with me by the end of the year.

My rehab the first couple of days included this:

Light to medum strength band -
3 x 10 sets of 10 front raises
3 x 10 sets of side raises
3 x 10 sets of 45 degree raises with thumb down
3 x 10 sets of external rotation
3 x 10 sets of internal rotation

a 2 pound medicine ball -
While laying on my back I would use the med ball and go from 45 degrees in front of my body and take it to the back at 45 degrees which was 2 x 20 and then I did the same from the left side of my body to the right

3 pound dumbbell -
While laying on my stomach and my arm over the side of the table I did
2 x 10 of front raises
2 x 10 side raises with thumb down
2 x 10 pulls to my body

I know once i come back I need to make sure my shoulder does not fly open again, but like I said we don’t have a pitching coach, and it is hard to find someone who will work with a sidearm pitcher.