Shoulder Surgery

Hi I am a college Pitcher and I recently had shoulder surgery back in February, and I am now just starting gain my strength back. I was just wondering if anyone had any exercises I can do regain my strength that I had before the surgery. I was throwing in the low to mid 80’s before the surgery.

Joel Green
DII Junior College
Alfred State

Did they send you to physical therapy?

Yes I worked with physical therapy for a little over 3 months to get full range of motion back and to build up enough strength to where I could start throwing lightly again. Our fall season is now over and I long tossed everyday and everything feels great but I’m just not throwing as hard as I did before the surgery.

I have been lifting 4 days a week with the program our coach has given us and also been doing various shoulder exercise. Some of the exercises include:
-Internal and External Rotation
-Front and Side shoulder raises
-shoulder raises with thumbs pointed down
-Empty Cans
-Fill Cans
-Shrug to press
All exercises done with no more than 3-5lbs.
In addition to these exercises I have also been using an elastic tube which I have heard works great for strengthening the rotator cuff.

what kind of surgery did you have. what caused your injury?

are you now throwing pain free?