Shoulder stretches

I have been thinking about this for a while now and just wanted to ask a few others. I am a firm believer in dynamic stretching at the beginning of practice as compared to traditional static stretching because I feel that static stretching will deform muscles unless they are very warm. Any static stretching that my teams do is done after practice. Anyway, I was looking at how far pitchers arm externally rotate and I was thinking about having pitchers do a stretch that mimics the movement of the arm during a pitch. You can do it with a partner pulling your arm back slowly or alone by grabbing a baseball bat and pulling your arm back. Do you feel that this would be a good stretch, good enough to add? I also believe that baseball pitching is a joint loosener so I am not sure if the exercise would be harmful by placing more stress on the shoulder because of the new flexibility.[/url]

At the beginning of high school practices we do stretches like this. Be aware though that if you get somebody who is immature they may purposely overstretch the other person and can ruin a career. If your going to do this make sure it is with somebody whom you trust, such as a coach, trainer, or another well educated player. I did this with the same guy throughout the season, and he would know how far to go and how much force to apply.

yeah, from what I have read, this can be the most stressful stretch for the rotator cuff. Stressful as in what you said about you get someone who is joking and just a little force can snap something. I am just wondering if stretching it a little could have a great effect like a few more mph because of the extra whip action. I personally am a little scared of it and have not implemented it within the program. I had a coach that made us do these stretches and I never heard of anyone hurting their arm during his tenure but you never know if that was a fluke.