Shoulder stretches?


For my injury, i have gone to the doctor twice now and a PT for awhile, what stretches can you recommend? i do the sleeper stretch at least once a day already. I more or less just simply want this pain to be gone, even though it has already dramatically felt better than it did 1.5 years ago, i wanna be able to pitch this season (I assume this wont be happening though:()



that was definitely interesting to hear. thing is… my mom stopped bringing me to the PT cuz it cost too much money. believe me i complain to them all the time… they piss me off. I really hope the exercises i’m doing aren’t harming me. I will say this is what i do when i exercise.

Every day I do sleeper stretch and when im walking around my house ill sometimes just do the arm across neck stretch because it feels good.

about 3-4 days a week, sometimes even more, I do the throwers 10 program. I also include some pushups/scapular type pushups, one where i do a pushup, turn on side with 1 arm on ground, and other straight up in air with weight. i do a band stretch (im assuming scapular, i take a band and stretch side to side)

I’m kind of at a lost. I personally believe that my self therapy is working, just maybe not as fast as I wished.

I also think that if I went to an actually PT still, I’d be more motivated. but that doesn’t matter


What type of injury did you have Kam?


to be honest, I don’t know the exact injury name but i can give detail.

I was pitching approx. 1.5 years ago in the 1st game of the season. One pitch, which was meant to be a fastball, I slipped and it put quite a lot of pain on my arm. i threw once or twice more, and then i was taken out. Yes, i know now i should of called quits once pain came. I was hoping i was just sore, but I was only 13 so i didn’t know any better. The pain has decreased since then, (I don’t exactly feel it when i’m not doing anything) but when I do overarm activities, more or less only throwing now, I feel pain. it is on my upper arm, on the side. Perhaps called the shoulder? Anyway, I went to physical therapy for about 2 months this summer, then I couldn’t continue to go. So then I started trying to do my own rehab at home. I still feel like pain has dramatically decreased, but I want to be able to pitch. I had gone to the doctor the 1st time, a little after the injury and he said I should be able to pitch next year. I went back a year later, and I still had some pain. not as bad as the first time, though. he then sent me to Physical therapy and yeah the story continued from there.

Ask more questions if needed. Is there hope I can pitch this year? Thanks.