Shoulder strain... Terminal?

I have developed some “discomfort” in my shoulder. It primarily occurs when I do the “lawn mower” exercise (reaching down towards right ankle and pulling back up towards left shoulder) with a 10lb power tube, with the thumb facing down. Pain is also evident when laying on back with arm bent 90 degrees at elbow with thumb to belly button and raising arm up towards head.

I can still execute all of the Jobes exercises, and other cord exercises with minimal discomfort, and can raise my arm towards the sky straight up, supinate and pronate without any discomfort whatsoever, the pain is on the side (above the deltoid) and the front of the shoulder.

Initially when I throw, things are “tight” but loosen up and I feel good.

I am hoping this is just part of the 10 yr rust falling off and not a sign of the end before I really got started again.


Dont do any shoulder exercise with the thumb down! That is asking for impingment syndrome. Which is what your condition sounds like.