Shoulder Recovery

What’s the fastest way to alleviate post-throwing soreness in the shoulder?

18 years old, College Sophomore LHP

Hey Trevor.

I’m a college sophomore as well and have always gotten sore in my rear delt after an outing. If that’s the area you are talking about, one of the main things I do is negative plyo ball throws right after I pitch, then do some body blade type movements. I don’t always have a blade but the weight of the plyos work well if you keep the same movements.

Then the day after, I use my Gumbi Cord to deep stretch. If you haven’t heard of those, just google it. It’s one of the most important things to my personal recovery. The deep stretch really helps get the soreness out to get you tossing the day after to move the arm around a bit.

Lastly, I always use Crossover Symmetry bands. The Iron Scap workout they have also helps get that soreness out. I have used both Jager and Crossover, as the school I go to use Jager. My personal preference is that Jager doesn’t help me a ton with recovery so that’s why I lean towards Crossover.

I get this is kind of a lot and not the best for a college kid to go out and buy. I’ve been building up on all this stuff since high school so I’ve had a while. Gumbi Cords aren’t too expensive if you’ve want to start with that and it’s well worth the money. Hope this helps & good luck!