Shoulder question

I have had some pain in the front of my shoulder. It seems to be where the bicep and shoulder meet. It does not hurt when I throw or do other activities, but the day after I throw or lift (especially bicep curls) it is very sore and tender the next day. Does anyone have any idea what this is? Impingement? Tendonitis? If you have any ideas please let me know.

It sounds like a common problem that occurs due to lifting weights or putting stress on the tendon. Muscle gets stronger faster than the tendons (tendons attach the muscle to the bone). If you increase your weights or sets before the tendons become stronger, you will get swelling of the tendon or tendonitis. After rest the tendon may seem normal, but increased stress to the shoulder (such as pitching) will cause the tendon to swell up and be painful.

Try cutting back on the weights for awhile and ice for 20min. after lifting or throwing. You may get some benefits from an anti-inflammatory when taken as directed.