Shoulder problems

I have been feeling some soreness in my shoulder. When i put my arm up into the cocked position i feel a slight pain on top of my shoulder ( the muscle that bulges out when you lift you arm up) I think its the deltoid. I only feel the pain when I rech back far in the cocked postion ( Pinch my shoulder blades together). What can i do to make this go away and what causes this pain.

Try ice and rest for a couple days. If no improvement see a doctor.

well i just came off a SLAP repiar.(labrum repair) heres what I would say. rest for a couple days icing on and off, and also get some good streching in. if it is still sore go to a orthopedic. if they take an xray and see nothing demand an MRI. I did 3 months of therapy for tendentitus when in reality I didn’t even have it, because my orthopedic said there was no need for an MRI. After my therapy I went to a shoulder specialist to see what was wrong he gave me an MRI and when he got the results he immediatley knew what was wrong. thats my opinion.

This is more likely a problem with one of the muscles of your rotator cuff.

Have you been to a doctor? If not, you should.

Do you have a video of yourself throwing? I ask because there could be a mechanical flaw that is causing the problem.