shoulder problem!

well i went to the doctor about 3 months ago and he told me no throwing for 5 weeks then i start a throwing program. i am currently doing the throwing program but i seem to have a lump or my bone on top of my shoulder gets really sore … i was wondering what this could possibly be or if i should get a cortizone shot ??? thanks!

Sounds like you should go back to the doc and get checked out again. (You didn’t say what your original injury was.)

well my first injury was rotator cuff tendinitus… any my collar bone is kind of sticking out but theres nuttin that they can do for it and i dunno if i should get a cortizone shot or not?

if any one has any suggestions i would love to hear thanks!

Sounds like an AC dislocation.

well the doc said he didnt see anything dislocated cuzz we did c/t scan and everthing soo i dunno… should i get a cortizone shot into my shoulder or what…???

What are you expecting a cortizone shot to do? Seems it might treat the symptom but not the cause.

i am jw if it will make sum of the pain slack off or what… i heard were people have gotten a c shot and the pain never came back… i have been to the doc 3 time and he said i had tendonitis and i was off from throwing for 5-6 weeks and i started my throwing program and no pains until about a week ago!

Sounds to me like you should be discussing the merits of a cortizone shot with your doctor.