Shoulder Problem

Let me give you some background:

I am a pitcher in my senior year of high school. I am going to pitch at a college next year. I separated my shoulder and sprained my AC Joint about two years ago playing football. Before my junior year I had some complications in my shoulder and went to the doc. The doc did some basic test but no MRI and said that he thought it was a torn labrum. He talked about surgery that included me missing over a year and I said I would try to rehab through it. I pitched that entire year without any pain or soreness. I also had little league shoulder when I was 11 and had to sit out a year if that means anything.

Now we are to senior year. I felt great in the preseason and felt great making a start and relief appearance the first week. But after a cold tournament were I pitched and caught a few games my shoulder was in some pain. I sat out for two weeks trying to see if it would get better but it did not. I went to the doctor again to get a cortisone shot. He still thought it was a torn labrum based on passed history. The shot seemed to be work wonders and I pitched pain free for about a month. My past few outings I have been experience lots of soreness between starts. I can only throw to about 180 feet without pain but when it comes down to the day I pitch I usually feel fine. The bullpen a few days before I pitch usually causes there to be a some pain in the front or top of my shoulder usually when throwing a curveball or a hard fastball. Last outing my coach said my velocity was up and my curveball was the best it’s been. I have been having the best pitching year of my life but I am still dealing with this nagging pain at the top and front of my shoulder. On some pitches I can feel the pain but it’s low level.

I plan on taking this summer off from summer ball. I can not decide if I want to go get an MRI right after the season is over or take a month off and start a throwing program and see how that goes. Could it be a torn labrum even though I’ve been able to pitch well and without a velocity drop? Could it be tendinitis that has lasted this long? Should I go to the doctor right after the season or wait and see after a month of rest?

Thanks for your help.

Go see a qualified sports doc right away.

Don’t be afraid to find out what’s going on with your shoulder. The longer you put it off the worse it could get.

Think about it this way would you rather potentially be out a few months to a year now (if it requires surgery) or because of putting it off your Baseball career could be over before it really ever gets off the ground.

Get it looked at.