Shoulder Problem

Well it all started my tenth grade year during football season. When i would tackle my shoulder would dislocate, not so bad that I would need someone to put it back in for me but still, it was painful. Well I didn’t play football my junior year so I could focus on baseball and to try to rehab my shoulder. During both my tenth and eleventh grade baseball seasons I had no problems at all with my shoulder or pitching. My senior year (this year) rolled around and I decided to give football a try again only to have the shoulder problems return and this time more severe. Still I played through it and finished out the season. As i began getting back into my throwing routine I experienced some discomfort. Long story short I thought it would work itself out but it didn’t and when I had my first bullpen my shoulder dislocated not once but four times. I saw an Orthopedic surgeon and he said nothing was torn but i had a lot of lasticity in my shoulder. He put me on a therapy program and I will go for a follow up in 6 weeks. He told me that when I go back that we’ll see if I’m going to pitch or do something else with my life. I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem or something similar and if so were you able to work through it?

I had a similar issue only mine was coupled with a torn labrum so my end result was surgery. Bit to fix the elasticity problem when they went in to repair my labrum they tightened everything in my shoulder up so that I wouldn’t have that problem anymore. I would suggest talking to him about that or perhaps getting a second opinion from a different doc and getting an mri done.