Shoulder Presses?

Are they incompatible with pitching? I’ve heard some that advocate them, and others who do not

I don’t like to do them at all because an orthopedic surgeon and physical therapist told my dad when he was having his shoulder fixed that you should never do military press because of the position it puts your shoulder in. Some people may do them but in only during the off-season, if you stay at a light weight and use dumbbells you’d be at less risk to hurt yourself.

I personally use Arnold Presses. Any thoughts on this motion? For me it feels like i hit the entire shoulder without the risk of the normal press motion.

You should restrict overhead and prone pressing with a fixed pronated palm position to a minimum. This hand position is found in the barbell bench and overhead press.

Cressey on why:

i think cressey is opposed to any overhead pressing for pitchers.

[quote=“billyluke”]i think cressey is opposed to any overhead pressing for pitchers.[/quote]

Yes, I agree. I don’t prescribe much of it for pitchers - definitely none during the season. That said, I like balancing the DB Neutral Grip bench press with a DB Neutral Grip standing press in the off-season.

As a general rule, pitchers should avoid any exercises that involve pressing overhead…there is a serious risk of nerve impingement with those kinds of movements.

The opposite motion (pull ups, lat pulldowns) however, is extremely beneficial for pitchers and overall back development.