Shoulder position question

My coach told me that since I throw side-arm that my lead shoulder when i am pitching should I guess kind of dip a bit before i bring my arm through.From what he explained was that I was using nothing but my arm to throw and was suffering a major velocity lose byjust throwing with my arm.That also explained why my elbo was hurt for must of this past summer. But anyway could one of the experts on this board give there input. I would have video but I am unable right now so sorry I know it would be eaiser. Maybe you could get something from other side-arm pitchers IDK, but any info i would be thankful for, thanx

I have no clue what the “shoulder dip” thing means. But I can give you something to think about. Based on the few side-arm throwers I’ve witnessed, it seems like it’s somewhat common for them to open up the shoulders early. This would cause them to throw with mostly the arm. If you think you are doing this, then the fixI would suggest would be to increase your tempo to get into foot strike a bit quicker. This will prevent you from being over-rotated at release while not slowing anything else down. (A common coaching mistake for this issue is to tell a pitcher “don’t rush” or “stay back” but those cues cause pitchers to slow down part of their body. Instead of slowing down the part that appears to be rushing, speed up the part that’s too slow.)

So, to get into foot strike quicker, get your hips moving forward sooner and faster and don’t sacrifice your knee lift.

I posted a clip of a sidewinder for you to look at. Good luck. One thought is that you still have to rotate efficiently from the side. Experiment with various parts of the delivery until you don’t feel restricted by your hips.