Shoulder pain?!?!

hey guys i was wondering if someone could help me out…im having a bad short shooting pain in my shoulder when i throw… i was wondering if anyone can tell me what a torn rotator cuff feels like?? iv been going to the trainer for close to 3 weeks now and they just keep saying rotator cuff tendanitis.
thnx guys

what part of the delivery do you feel the pain?

is it in the front or back of shoulder?

if it keeps up i would see a sports doctor, many times a trainer will say its tendinitis without really knowing what it is. have you continued to throw during this pain?

front of my shoulder, when i get my arm up to 90 degrees and my follow through its a short shooting pain. went to a doctor, claimed the back of my shoulder was too tight and i needed to loosen it up. he gave me cortisone tabs to be taken for a week. its been a week and the trainer had me throw today but the pain was still there.

sounds very familiar to my situation, i needed labrum surgery. a good stretch to do is the sleeper stretch. this will loosen up the back of the shoulder, and increase that internal rotation which you are probably limited in.

did they put you on a stretching program for the front of your shoulder. that is exactly what my son had when he developed tendonitis and after 4 weeks of scheduled static stretching targeting the front of the shoulder, it worked wonders and restored his range of motion.

has to be part of your rehab.

well they both seem to think that the tightness in the rear of my shoulder is what is causing this pain which they say to be rotator tendanitis. the dr said the tightness is wt is also causing my ulna nerve inflammation in my elbow which iv been struggling with for about a year now. im not a dr but i think i know my arm pretty good and i think its more than just “tendanitis” but everyone is telling me no.
oh and also my range of motion when in the sleeper stretch is about 120 degrees and it is said that pitchers should have atleast 180 degrees