Shoulder Pain

I have just made the Varsity team, everything was looking up, but I hurt my shoulder about 2 weeks before tryouts, now I can’t even throw without it hurting. I haven’t been throwing at all for about a week or two, but it doesn’t appear to be getting any better. My best guess is that I have tendonitis or something like that, but I really need to get better soon because my first game is in two weeks. If anyone knows much about this, it would be greatly appreciated to hear.

Have you been to a doctor?

If not, you should.

The fact that your shoulder isn’t getting better suggests something more serious than just tendonitis. You could have torn or severely damaged something in your shoulder.


Sorry to hear about your shoulder. In order to help you anyone would need to know, specifically, where the pain is. I am not a doctor but I’ve done much investigation into elbow and shoulder injuries. What were you doing when you hurt your shoulder? Is there a specific range of motion where the pain is most intense? Have you seen a doctor or other medical professional? How old are you? What does your coach or trainer say?

Don’t fool around with arm trouble, you can do permanent damage. I suggest you do not throw at all if pain persists…pain is the bodies way of telling you not to do what you’re doing. I know that you’re keyed up and wanting to play, but stopping now is smartest until you get this figured out. The process may take much longer than two weeks. If you push it you may never be able to play ball again.

To eliminate pain caused by throwing, if that’s the cause, you must understand what part of your throwing motion is hurting you, and then you must change how you throw. Please let me know how I can help you.


You’ve gotten good advice here. Go see a doctor.