Shoulder pain

so 2 weeks ago I took a week off baseball going with a class field trip into the mountains camping, caving and white water-rafting, you know all that fun stuff. But coming off that we had a doubleheader the day i got back after 2 or so in the morning, it was also against the only undefeated team in Alberta. I pitched in hte 6th inning of the first game, because my coach thought my stamina might be down but that I’d be all right to throw the last two innings to close it out. Well I warmed up same as usual, but i threw just awful, too many walks, not very hard. Then the game after I played the usual 2nd base where we lost that game as well. But since that weekend I have had some bad shoulder problems.

The arewhere the pain is, is like a bit undet r the front of my shoulder like on the front part of my armpit, then like at the back in my shoulder, and like it feels like a pinpoint of pain. This last weekend I couldnt pitch because it hurts so much, and i can throw about 5 or 6 balls untill it starts to hurt and I quit. I am going to the hospital tommorow morning or afternoon but I am just wondering what this might be? like tendonitis or something because it hurts pretty much all over it, or whatever. My mom is a nurse, also played softball and my dad pitched university ball and they told me a possible remedie for it would be taking 3 anti-inflamitories a day for a while. The worst part about this is next weekend We have three games where we have to win all three to stay in Tier 1 AA for provincials, and we have to do good there so we get a good seeding in western canadians, which we are hosting. I’m just curious to see if any of you have had a problem like this and what you did?

does it feel like a tendon hurting? and like, if you touch it or rub it, does it feel better, then worse and begin to grow downwards? that was tendonitis for me in my arm.

Well its some Bisecti tendonitis i guess, not sure about the bisecti thinger. I got some rub in stuff for it, and he said i can get back to pitching when i feel no pain

that sounds like what im dealing with right now. except i went without pitching for about a year and half and then did conditioning for about a week and pitched 2 innings and since ive had a horrible pain in my shoulder… i am going to doctors this week so hopefully it will be resolved.