Shoulder Pain

about 2 weeks ago i experienced this sharp pain in my shoulder while pitching in a practise… i imediatly stopped and over tha next day or so it started to heal… yesterday when warming up my shoulder was quite painful and due to this my control was off a good 2-3 feet… it got loser as i played catch… today im resting it and applying heat to it… ive noticed the joint is alot loser… as in my shoulder would dislocate with much less force then expected… Ive thrown about 1000 pitches in the past week and a half so i was wondering if this pain could be due to overstress of the arm or poor mechanics or what?

It could easily be both. I am hoping you did not throw 1000 pitches. Were any of them just while playing catch, were they all off the mound, or was it a typo and you meant to 100?

500 off the mound
500 at 75% just trying to work on my control off the mound

wrapping of the arm and shoulder, overthrowing and mechanical flaws perhaps in your legs.

let it heal and work out your rotator cuff or buy steven ellis tuff cuff book :wink:

out of the 1OOO thrown about 4OO hav been slurves… contributing factor?

do you use tubing exercises before and after you throw? Because you are going to continue to have this pain if you don’t it helps prepare the arm to throw the ball at a high rate.

are there any inparticular i should do?

It sounds like way too many pitches and way too many slurves to me. It also sounds like you need to get checked out by a doctor.

doctor? what for?

[quote=“Pheen”]doctor? what for?[/quote]Strange question. You have shoulder pain and maybe even excessive laxity (looseness), based on what you said. The tissues in and around the shoulder joint are consistently injured in pitchers. The stresses put on them during pitches with the best of mechanics are very high and seemingly near the breaking point, regardless of all the arm care exercises recommended everywhere.

Do not take this lightly!! See a doctor.

On another front, you said:

[quote]…500 at 75% just trying to work on my control off the mound…[/quote]I suggest and maintain that this was not terribly effective practice since the mound and flat ground environments are completely different. Intensity level also affects mechanics and timing of the parts, all of which can affect control. If it’s location/control you’re attempting to improve, get on the mound and pitch with game intensity.

Today it is feeling much better. Not as lose, no pain. Is this a symptom of excessive laxity?

Laxity can cause a host of problems due to instability of the joint. It’s already the most free moving joint in the body (so I’ve read) and making it looser just invites problems. I can’t speculate about the source of your pain. That’s why you’ll always hear us recommending that a doctor should be consulted.

By the way, what part of our fair country are you from?

I bet he’s from Nunavut.



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DM59 gave you a good answer. You have sharp pain and you think you have laxity in the joint. Both of those points to the possibility of a problem which, if not corrected, could lead to further problems.

Can you please keep your comments out of the mud? Thanks.[/quote]

I apologise, i took what he said the wrong way.

such as?

I’m not a doctor and have only a little bit of knowledge about how the shoulder works. I know that the shoulder is the joint with the greatest range of motion. I know that the bony socket of the shoulder is very shallow and that the shoulder is held together primarily with soft tissue (cartilage, ligaments, muscles). When these soft tissues are damaged, they can allow looseness in the joint. Looseness in the shoulder allows the humerus to move around more than it should and that can itself lead to further damage of the soft tissue.

During the end of my season 2 weeks ago my shoulder hurt bad one practice so i talked to my varsity coach and i said well I pitched and threw a cutter in practice do you think maby i was doorknobing it a bit? He said no probably not because if you were you’d feel that more in your elbow. (He was a college pitcher so i trusted him that a doorknob slider wouldn’t hurt my shoulder too much) I rested took it easy a few days and it was fine good as new. I’ve been throwing quite a bit with my brother recently off a mound pitching distance quite a few pitches probably too much. It hurt so i took yesterday off and didn’t throw did tubing and light weight arm routines it feels a little better today but I’ll play some catch today close then extend it only throwing a little.

Is this the right way to approach this kind of problem?

just got back from playing catch… shoulder was a bit stiff at the start but loosened up after a few mins.

now, shoulder feels completely healthy… no looseness, no pain or anything.

looseness could just have been the end result in over stressing the arm i guess.