Shoulder Pain

For the last week or so I have been experiencing some shoulder pain.

I warm up a ton before I pick up a baseball. When I throw in the beginning nice and easy I don’t feel any pain. Then when I put some more effort into I feel a pain in my shoulder right as I release the ball. The pain quickly subsides, but consistently happens. The pain stops after I throw a while and then I don’t feel any pain the rest of the time or the next day unless I throw again.

I really would rather not see a doctor because it really isn’t effecting my performance at all. I just don’t like having a nagging pain every time I warm up.

I exercise my shoulders plenty with band exercises and I ice after I throw.

I don’t know if this is a serious thing. I don’t think it is because the pain doesn’t linger and goes away once I throw for a while.

You can click the link in my signature to see videos of my pitching.

Go get it looked at if your warming up and taking care of yourself AND you’re still feeling pain it might be something or it might be nothing, but if you get it looked at now you might catch something before it gets bad.

I researched a little and it seems like I may have tendinitis. Which makes sense, since I throw a lot.

If it doesn’t feel better today, I will ask to go see a doctor. My dad was a trainer and is very knowledgeable in the field. He’ll probably just tell me to rest and ice. Which I will do as much as I can

I would hate to not throw at all because I want to earn a top spot on my high school team and I fear if I’m injured I may be bumped down to a lesser role.

I will give to after my tryout on Saturday, if it still bothers me or gets worse then I will try to go see a doctor.

See the post I put on your pitching log.

I responded.

I had a similar problem with my elbow during the summer. It was kind of weird. My elbow usually never hurt during, after, or the day after I pitched, but for like 2 weeks my elbow hurt all time. It wasn’t enough to make me not able to throw, but it bothered me.

As oddly as it came, it went away. Hopefully my shoulder is the same way.

Tonight will be a big test for my arm since we’ll probably be pitching.

I’ll update on my online journal tonight or tomorrow morning.

Talk to you all later!