Shoulder Pain

Hello, I had minor elbow surgery two days before thanksgiving, and finished my rehab. I’ve started to throw the ball following a throwing program and the first couple weeks I had shoulder pain but the doctor said it was just because I haven’t thrown in a while but it’s been 4 weeks now and the pain has gone down but it’s still there a lil. Should I be concerned and go see a doctor or is my arm still getting used to the throwing motion and the pain will go away in a couple weeks or a month?? Thank You…

You answered your own question…


They know you better then an internet message board. Don’t screw around especially when coming back from surgery

Surgery is a planned, controlled injury and the recovery is not different from how you treat an injury:


The Rest, Ice, Compression on the post surgical area is necessary and should have been advised by the medical staff at discharge.

What probably wasn’t advised was how to properly ice, for how long a period, and how often.

Acute injuries (recent) should be iced for 15-20 minutes a minimum of 3 times a day. Remember ice limits the pain and compression and ice limit swelling and inflammation.

Rest means do not perform any motion which causes pain. Pain is the body’s way of notifying you of a new injury. Each time you feel pain, you are reinjuring the area and delaying healing.

If you are resting properly and icing properly, you will see gradual improvement in your range of motion without pain. When you have recovered complete range of motion, then and only then, can you start very gentle strengthening exercises to build back the lost muscle strength from the rest. Again, don’t go too fast or you will reinjure.

Once the strength has been recovered, then you can return to activity.

Sounds like it takes a long time? Yes, it does. But just look at the pro athletes who with all the best and most sports medicine available, still reinjure by being forced back to activity with an incompletely healed injury. Sometimes it costs them a season and sometimes a career.

Obviously, you wish to avoid the injury to begin with.

Injuries caused by accidents are tough to avoid; but most baseball injuries are due to repetitive stress syndrome. Pitchers are classic examples. They throw hard, often, and vary up their arm movements. Shoulder Ice Compression wraps after pitching helps the shoulder recover and reduces pain while removing inflammation.

The younger athletes feel invincible until they hurt themselves, and often that injury follows through their entire sports career.

Warm up and stretch before exercise.

Work on mechanicals with your coach to maximize muscle use and performance.

Ice and compress after each workout or whenever soreness is felt.

Do not exercise a swollen are or shoulder.

Do not play in pain.

Ice and stretch wrap is cheap. A manufactured ice compression wrap with sewn in gels is a good investment if you are serious about your body and your sport.

Good Luck.

After I hadn’t thrown for a while due to a elbow injury I came back to a similar pain in my shoulder that was pretty bad, it ended up being an irritated growth plate. I was also only 13 though, I’m assuming you’re older than that so it may not be a growth plate but could be.