Shoulder Pain

Last game I had sharp pain on my shoulder blade like 5 hours after the game and I tried icing but it did nothing. I had the same pain all the next day and on and off the day after that. Does anyone know what this is and if I need 2 go 2 the doctor?

Doctor wound be the best bet, but it does sound like a cramp or pull of the muscle which lies under the shoulder blade. Have you had improvement on a daily basis?

I agree. See a doctor. It could also be a knot under the shoulder blade. The same thing happened to me a couple years back.

It feels better it is just sore now but my throw is messed up now. I have a game 2night i wont be pitching but i"ll see how it feels.

I pitched one inning last night and my shoulder was fine but i had the worst elbow pain I have ever had. It almost made me cry. Now whenever i extend my elbow I get the same pain.