Shoulder pain? Worth checking out or not

hi guys

My elbow is been fine for weeks now. thank god seemed to be an strength issue. anyways thats not my point.

My shoulder is kinda hurting last few games. pain is a bit in front/on top of my shoulder. it hurts when my arm passes my shoulder in front. Now is this possibly a bad condition of my shoulder. or is it really worth checking out. I haven’t been working out much lately so I kinda confused. I’ve been icing it after every practice/bullpen/game just in case. weird thing is when warming up( while throwing that is) it hurts like in the first few pitches in the game it hurts, then like the 2nd 3th etcetc inning i feel no pain what so ever. comes back when im getting tired. Now the weird thing is. it DOESNT feel like I did my warm up not properly enough.

Any advices if its conditioning of my shoulder or do i really need to see a docter?

thanks in advance

please go to the doctor and get it checked out. take it from someone who didnt listen to trainers and tried throwing through pain and is now getting ready for surgery. even if nothing is wrong with it you should get some exercises to do to get your arm strong, kinda like prehab.