Shoulder pain when throwing


Every time I’ve thrown for the past 2-3 weeks there has been shoulder pain for like the first 10 throws, then it goes away and my arm feels great. what could i do to prevent this?


When I was pitching after college, I had very similar symptoms before being diagnosed with shoulder impingement. It would hurt like hell then suddenly “pop” and feel amazing/back to normal. Unfortunately, that pop gets harder and harder to come by. I would suggest seeing a doctor to make sure if the problem persists.


well it’s not really a “pop”. it kind of just fades away. I know it sounds like general soreness but its a sharper pain than soreness


Might be as simple as needing some better stretching prior to throwing or something to get the blood flowing. What is your pre-throwing routine?


run a little bit, then stretch my entire body. but i basically do that before everything


After your body stretch try doing a set or two of arm circles (small to large, forward then backward) and some band work before you start throwing.


yeah i’ll try anything. what are some good band exercises before throwing?


Look up Jaeger J band exercises.


I wouldn’t mess with a shoulder - get it checked out.