Shoulder pain only during long toss/bullpen

So I’ve started to work toward my max long toss distance. Every day/every other day I’ve been throwing and my shoulder seems fine, until I start to draw back my distance in long toss or throwing pretty hard on the mound. Not sure if it is something serious with my shoulder, or if I’m supposed to throw through the pain.

It only occurs when I’m throwing from a longer distance or a pretty serious bullpen, and never hurts right after, before or anything else. Only through the motion.

My concern is if it is either mechanical which I don’t think so, or maybe just supposed to happen because my arm isn’t used to that distance/speed?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

You should see a doctor, preferably a sports-medicine specialist, and get that shoulder looked at just to make sure there isn’t anything serious that requires medical attention. Until then, stop doing the longtoss, and as far as the bullpen goes you would do well to get together with a good pitching coach and have him check you out, assuming there are no medical problems. It could be something mechanical, in which case he should be able to help.
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I agree with Zita - get it looked at because shoulder issues are nothing to take lightly. Also, it might be ok to throw through muscle soreness due to a lack of conditioning but not through pain in a joint.

I had a very similar problem until I started using J bands. Check out the website. They have a bunch of exercises posted on there for free and since I’ve started using them my throwing arm has never felt better. Well worth the 40$ for the band IMO. They also have a free longtoss program posted on the site for free. I’m currently trying it out, but haven’t been using it long enough to tell you whether or not it is effective.

thanks man! I’m sure I can do those same exercises with my resistence bands right?

Yeah you can do some of them definitely. You actually may be able to do all of them but just one side at a time i’m not entirely sure. If someone on your team has them maybe ask them to borrow their’s if you don’t feel like dropping 40 bucks on them.