Shoulder pain- Mechanics


After my game (see earlier topic) I noticed some major shoulder pain when throughing. Here is a video of me throwing. Not great, rushed but just need some help. Is it just normal shoulder soreness? When I do windmills my right shoulder pops and I can’t straighten it behind me. Please help


This is where you are when your front foot gets down. Your shoulders should be completely closed but yours are completely open. You need to slow down your arm action and stay closed until fromt foot strike.


Salty, I have to disagree with GreenMonster, You don’t want to slow arm action down. It is arm speed that generates velocity. In your case, there are many red flags in your delivery. It all starts in the beginning with early weight shift. You do not generate any explosive forward momentum. Your bottom half isn’t helping the top half. This alone throws much needed timing and rhythm off.

Looking at the still picture above, you shoulders should be open because your pitching arm is in external rotation. It is impossible to have closed shoulders in max. external rotation. See picture below

maxium external rotation

Your issues stem with your delivery and the position of your elbow (too low) in external rotation and ball release. Pitching lessons are needed if you choose to continue.

Good Luck



I mean more like delay the arm action so its not coming up so quick