Shoulder Pain, Little leaguer's shoulder?

Hello everyone, I’m happy to be a member here. IF, I happen to be able to pitch, I may stay here for awhile :stuck_out_tongue: anyway, Exactly 365 days ago from today, I had injured my arm in the 1st game of my season. I was 13.5 years old at the time. I had talked to my mom, and about 2 weeks later, I went to go see a doctor. He took x-rays, and he said it was a fracture of some sort (I think?) all I saw was a “larger than usual” gap between my arm and shoulder. He said I could continue to play catcher and 3rd base, and I did. It continues to hurt even today, just a lot less. But, it’s still not optimized for pitching. I was wondering, is this Little leaguer’s shoulder? (proximal humerus growth plate injury) and if so, is there any way for me to heal this faster? The doctor said I should be able to pitch “in a year” and it’s been a year. Your thoughts?


bump, anyone? :frowning:

Sounds like your original injury never fully healed. Are you saying that the original injury was a"proximal humerus growth plate injury"? I’m not familiar with that particular injury. AndI’m certainly not a doctor. But if your original injury was a growth plate injury, then I’m surprised your doctor said you could continue to play at all as I would think rest would be required for that to heal.

I’m thinking you might need to shut it down for about 8 weeks and then start up slowly. But you really should see your doctor (or maybe a different doctor).

alright… or am I better off just saving my (parents) money and just rest? I’d really hate to do that, but I guess I should so I can play in highschool

my dad is saying my baseball career is probably over… he said if I quit now, I will be a year behind, and if I don’t, I may hurt myself… your thoughts?

Since you’re evidently still in grade school, I think it is premature to say your career is over. You most likely still have yet to go through puberty and that can change you quite a bit. Some kids go through big growth spurts and get a lot stronger and get a lot better real fast. Noone can predict how kids will turn out before they’ve gone through puberty. But, if you’re determined and willing to work at it, you can make positive things happen. If you have the dream, don’t give up so easily and at such a young age.

Now, while injuries do seem to go hand in hand with sports, it’s really anybody’s guess as to whether you’ll get injured again. Growth plate injuries go away as you get older. And, since they are typically caused by overuse so, in that sense, they are largely preventable.

meh, not sure. It’s been a year now though :frowning: guess pitching is over for me? I doubt I can regroup before high school… even if I do heal, I may not be accurate or something :frowning:

too bad if you can’t play again, its probably good to get a second opinion from another doctor

yeah… but my parents don’t want to do that… 95% sure :frowning: they don’t like heraing me talk about it period, dad even made a comeback of “you complain about your arm, but I go to work every day and I can drop dead” he stated that because he was recently diagnosed with a rare heart disease…

wow, hard to argue with that

I hope everything works out for you and you can play again

knowing my luck, it wont :frowning:

Sounds like your father is going to be the end of your pitching career. At your age it should just be starting. Fall a year behind? Come on, someone is not doing their job as a parent IMO.

Man too bad for your dad, imagine having to go to work and not being immortal either!

Sorry if this is offensive but I have no tolerance for weak parenting.

hey guys, great news… went to the doctor abotu a week ago, and I was told my injury has healed. yes, i still have some minor pain, but supposedly its just a weak arm now from babying it and the injury itself took its toll. I now have to attend physical therapy for next 4 months, and its really feelling good. I was skeptical about it at first, but 3 appointments, early morning, has felt good. I hope to be pitching again soon… especially by highschool. Already attending the freshmen camp. My doctor did say though, that my mechanics might be bad and I should get that checked out. Especially after I had my injury and from playing 3rd, i might be throwing sidearm, i can’t really tell. So i might get a video up, unless you guys think it’s not a good enough source to come here for help, and I should get an instructor (which I doubt my parents wnat to do >.<)

Great news! But don’t rush the rehab and try to start pitching too much too soon. Take the full time, do the work, and eventually you’ll be back in form.

will do… my therapist after some evaluating, estimated my right arm (my dominant arm) is about 1/8 the strength of my left. It really does seem accurate, because for this one exercise, i could barely lift 1 pound with my pitching arm, and i could easily lift the 5 pound weight faster and higher with east >.< but yeah, my range of motion is also very low right now. J/w, what would your views be about pitching in our last tournament of the season? (about 1 month from now)

would change pitching arms because since that injury you have propably used your healthy arm much more

No. Is it worth it to play in a little league, pony league?, game and risk not being able to pitch in high school for say another month? What if it’s another six months? A year? Take it easy, find a good coach, and get your strength up. I started pitching full go about 11 months post-Tommy John’s. I’ve been suffering from upper bicep (shoulder) tendonitis for the last two months due to an internal/external strength deficiency.

Don’t rush it…