Shoulder pain in 13u

13u player complained of shoulder pain 7 weeks ago during a bullpen. Went to ortho doc the next day and X-ray negative for growth plate issue, strength tests were ok-no tears. Muscles on his backside are stronger than front side. Prescribed pt to strengthen front side of his shoulder. Told to throw within pain tolerance. Follow up appointment was 3 weeks later-I decided no throwing until 3 week check up. Follow up visit showed muscles had strengthened, and shoulder Had tightened up. Began light throwing, still continuing with therapy. Played second base with no throwing issues, but I could tell he wasn’t letting it go.
Last week pitched a 30 pitch bullpen and had soreness. Pitched another 30 pitch bullpen today and had pain- not as bad as first time, but enough to stop. His velocity hasn’t returned yet, but I expected that, since he was taking it slow. Just worried maybe there is more going on??
Question, has anyone experienced this? Should I seek another ortho doctor.

First, shut him down and take him to an orthopedic surgeon trained in sports medicine. If you don’t know one, contact Dr. Glenn Fleisig at ASMI and ask him to recommend a good one in your area.

Second, you need to address the cause of the injury. Most youth pitcher injuries are due to overuse. Major League Baseball, in conjunction with an Advisory Committee made up of a Who’s Who of the sports medicine profession, has issued a set of guidelines for youth pitchers called Pitch Smart. Check out the Pitch Smart website, it has a wealth of information about what to do and not do.

I agree with the Sports medicine recommendation. Ortho should not be the first visit or as previous posted suggested at least an ortho specialized in sports medicine.

I disagree. An orthopedic surgeon absolutely should be your first stop; preferably one trained in sports medicine; preferably one experienced in throwing injuries. Visiting anyone less - a pediatrician, a general medical practitioner, a physical therapist - is likely to be at best a waste of time and money, and at worst a recipe for disaster.