Shoulder Pain Help

I am currently playing Juco baseball and have been on an injury that has been quite troublesome for the past 2 to 3 months out on the field when I throw.

At first I thought that my arm and body hated the cold weather and my shoulder was just tight and didn’t want to loosen up like it usually does every season after winter. Well I was wrong, it hasn’t gotten any better yet whatsoever and I am starting to get concerned. Today got to around about 65-70 degrees so it was hot and I thought my shoulder would feel wonderful but as soon as I threw the first pitch in warm ups I was in pain. A type of pain that hurts at first and then gradually gets better like its starting to loosen up but then you can’t throw hard.

The pain that I am experiencing is all over. When I try to pump up to throw one 100% its like the ball barely comes out with no life and I am in pain usually after that. It usually hurts after I throw or finish as well which is weird. Some days it will feel completely fine and I can throw 100% and it not hurt at all and then other days its just like something is grinding in my arm. What could this be? I have done some stretches like the behind the back towel pull, the sleeper pose, and where you get on your knees and take your throwing arm above your head on the ground and lean back (this feels like its stretching really good because it hurts).

PS* It almost feels as if the pain is on top of my shoulder and inside of it. Its really hard to explain where exactly its at and the pain only occurs when I finish. When doing the throwing motion without a ball it does not hurt whatsoever but as soon as you put a ball in my hand, it hurts after I throw.

Don’t wait. Get thee to an orthopedic surgeon and get it checked out— Xrays and if necessary an MRI. Something’s going on there that needs to be looked at and taken care of ASAP.

Had a game today and my shoulder was sore. I started tossing a bit to see if anything hurt or what not and everything seemed to be ok, it was just that I was really tight where I usually have my arm slot at (3/4 arm slot).

Later on in the game we where up by 2 and coach told me to warm up in the bullpen in case of an emergency, so I went down and started to warm up. Knowing that my arm was tight in the 3 quarters slot, I referred to the old way I was throwing when I was in my sophomore year of high school (semi straight over the top), and started to throw like that while warming up on the mound. Some how some way my arm stopped hurting and it was like I gain a few MPH as well. It went from a sharp pain after words after trying to throw as hard as I could and only hitting around 82-83 to no pain at all whatsoever and I haven’t even pumped one up yet and in the upper 80s maybe even the lower 90s.

I don’t know what it is, could I just be burnt out on that arm slot? Could it still be injured? Will I be fine and should just continue throwing the old way I discovered not to hurt at all?

I am just confused. :frowning:

Better to be safe than sorry. I repeat: see an orthopedic surgeon and get your shoulder checked out. Confusion is what you’re supposed to do to the batters.

Alright, thanks!

Will be going shortly!

Hey guys, new here but have some experience in the injury category.

I used to pitch from jr now sometimes in mens league. I have been using King brand products for sometime now to treat my pitchers shoulder, before and after outings. The bfst really loosens up my shoulder and the cold cure is great for icing after the game. Highly recommended for anyone over the age of 12. Link below

A lot of shoulder issues arise because of imbalances between the accelerators (front) and decelerators (back). Once the pain settles down and you’re able to get back to more normal workout routines, be sure to focus on your scap stabilization. Have a whole section of scap exercises in TUFFCUFF, but you can also Google for a general idea of the types of exercises that will be beneficial.

I have a 14 year old son…was pitching well, mid 70s with decent mechanics and started complaining of shoulder soreness and pain a couple inches down his arm only when throwing at >75% effort.
He’s been to physio for 4 weeks doing mostly rotary cuff strengthening and it isn’t getting better…went to a doctor and was shocked to hear his shoulder strength on pitching side is 50% strength of his left shoulder.
Now they are telling me his shoulder blades have poor stability and he needs something like a figure 8 harness to keep the shoulder blades stable then work on strengthen his shoulder. Looks like 4 weeks of physio has minimal improvement.
Is this a common problem in young pitchers…anybody know of any strength drills to help or figure 8 harness for pitchers. Only 5 weeks of the season left.


I’ve worked with pitchers who have had a similar problem. Diagnosis by a qualified Medical professional is essential. Not a Nurse Practitioner, not a physician’s assistant, not an RN or LPN, but a medical professional who deals with the muscle diagnosis for your son’s age group.

More than likely, the muscles of the trapezius, the Terse minor/major and the levator scapulae might be a concern, but then again, a medical professional can give you a better definition.

You mentioned something about a time frame for your son – don’t. There is not time frame for your son to do or not to do anything, with this condition that has yet to be defined, exactly. Now you’re talking about a quality of life issue later on in his mature years.

In all cases that I’ve had experience with shoulder weakness, it has been associated with a condition at birth, regardless how small, and an issue that many athletes don’t discover until the demands of their sport cause awareness.

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