Shoulder Mobility

I would like to know some safe ways to increase you shoulder mobility and total range of motion. Mine is pretty bad right now, and i need to improve my flexibiblity. Does anyone have any exercises that focuses on increasing my ROM?

On top of the flexibility, you also will want stabilization exercises. I have the opposite problem. I am very flexible in the shoulder but unstable. Too much of one or the other where it is unbalanced is bad.

CSOleson, excellent info!

beaver26, you need to be careful with the shoulder so that you don’t “loosen” the joint or, as CSOleson described, you don’t decrease stability. How do you know you need more flexibility? Have you had an injury?

No i haven’t had an injury, its just that i think it is something i could improve on based on some of the videos and pictures from eric cresseys site. He talks a lot about shoulder mobility and i think i could improve mine. So maybe i need to do some work on both the flexibility and stability. Any suggestions?

for good shoulder (scap) mobility/strengthening drill - google -

“No Money Drill” - It sort of mimics scap loading

“Scap Wall Slides” -

Both are pretty easy drills to perform that help with mobility of the scap & shoulder area


I’m wondering if you’ve seen the sleeper stretch and examples of it being used. Is this the case?

It was something like that, but it was from one of his foam rolling videos where his shoulder was on a ball and he was rotating it forward and backward, internal and external. I starting doing it before workouts to warm-up along with the other exericises, and i just noticed that i couldn’t get close to where he was getting. So should i try to increase the flexibility there, or should i just not worry about it, and continue to do what i have been doing?

That’s difficult for me to answer without seeing you in person. But you haven’t really indicated you’re having a problem. And you also haven’t convinced me you understand the circumstances under which those stretches you saw were being done. So I’d be inclined to say don’t worry about it.

Would it help if i got some video?

Why? Are you saying you do have a problem and that video would show it? If you’re convinced you have a problem, then maybe a trip to a doctor or a PT would be in order.

Not trying to give you a hard time here. Just sayin…

A video is not likely to indicate ROM problems. The best way I know of is by a qualified professsional using a device called a gloniometer to measure internal and external rotation. Based on your readings they can likely recommend a course of action if you are deficient in one direction or both.

Be aware that a lack of internal rotation is an adaptation that occurs with pitchers as the body adapts to the forces that require more external rotation and less internal rotation. This is somewhat normal.

Here’s a good article on GIRD:

Thanks for the article. I guess i won’t worry about it for now. I haven’t had an injury or anything, so i maybe i should just let it be.

Quite true. We use a goniometer at Driveline Baseball for all new incoming pitchers training regularly here.


A lack of symptoms doesn’t mean you aren’t at risk for future injury.