Shoulder Level

I just saw this picture on my perfect game profile and i was wondering if my shoulders shouldn’t be more level in the follow through?

Your shoulders are where they should be for the arm slot. The photo appears fundementally correct.

To me, it’s trade-offs.

That posture can cause many to open up early and/or pull offline from the target. These, in turn, can put extra stress on the arm. In the picture, it appears you don’t have either of those issues. Do you have soreness regularly?

That posture will pull your release point back and raise it up. This, in turn can make it difficult to keep the ball down or get good movement on breaking pitches. Do you have either of those issues?

If you are successful and don’t have the kinds of issues I’ve described, then you probably don’t have anything to worry about. Like JD said, everything else looks fundamentally solid. I like that your shoulders have not over-rotated, that you’ve kept your head/spine going to the target, and that your glove has stabilized in front of your torso.

If you do have some of the issues I mentioned, then straightening up the posture may help.

I really don’t have any of the issues you described. My arm rarely gets anything other than the usual muscle soreness and my breaking stuff moves a great deal. Thank you for your imput