shoulder issues

Hello. My son is 9 and he is playing recreation and travel ball. He is the main pitcher on our rec team and he has started to complain about his shoulder being sore. He pitches almost with a sidearm delivery and he is throwing consistantly between 50-53 mph. My concern is that he is going to throw too hard and hurt himself. He has had several coaches say his delivery is fine and mechanics are pretty good even though he throws a little bit sidearm. Lately he has been complaining of his shoulder being sore and the top of his upper arm. I think it has to do with him not warming up correctly. I have noticed that he seems to want to throw hard as soon as he picks up a baseball. Somebody please give me some good advice on what to do. Thanks!

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Have you monitored pitch counts and how much throwing aside from the pitching he does?

It might be potential burn out.

I’d suggest getting him looked over by a doctor just to be safe though.

Thanks. I appreciate the info. I haven’t taken into account how much he throws besides pitching. I will he throws besides pitching. Also how much rest is he needing between games and practice? Just curious… I already have a general idea but I would like your opinion thanks!

Here is a great start to pitch counts etc. both from ASMI and Little League.

You can imagine that they have put effort and thought into these numbers.

Good Luck…

Thanks for the website info that helped a lot.

Bu beat me to it. That site is going to be a great resource for you.