Shoulder is messed up

I don’t know what I did to it. I work out, I’m fairly muscular but not too big to pitch and it only hurts when I throw. It’s in the middle of my shoulder. When I workout the only exercises I do that could cause pain I think would be bench press but I do 90 degree dumbell press. So…help me out if you can, I always stretch my arm out before throwing too. Thanks

Its probably rotator cuff inflammation but wouldn’t I have pain all the time with it?

as far as shoulder goes, i justr got back from an injury myself. i’ll tell you one thing though, GO SEE A DOCTOR. especially if baseball is one of your main activity like myself. your shoulder is VERY important and shoulder injuries need not to be taken go to a clinic or something, yesi know its boring and yes, i myself hated people telling me to go see a doc but really thats the best thing you can do… do it so you can rehab during winter and be ready for next season.