Shoulder intense cracking noise during pvc pipe mobility

I just picked up a pvc pipeline mobility drill to add of 1 minute straight arm figure 8’s and straight arm front to back over head, I do these two times a day normally a good chunk of time between. When I do a minute of figure 8’s and front to back, I get intense popping and cracking sounds but no pain during or after.

Any ideas why and is this healthy?

I am no expert in this field and I tend to stay away from these types of questions but the noise may be your ligaments and tendons passing over the joints in the body. If you experience any pain, stiffness, or discomfort, stop the exercises immediately and consult a doctor.

Take a look at this article that goes into more depth and explains it better than I can


Thanks, so is that healthy or should I be concerned?

Take a look at the last post I just edited it