Shoulder impingement!

Shoulder impingement!

thats what My physio therapist diagnosed.

now does Anyone have any experience with this!?
I’d like to speak with some people about it.

It’s kinda depressing me :frowning:
Season is over here in holland , but still, what if i cant play no more.

need sum experiences or atleast replys :lol:


What is it? Like rotator cuff or tendonitis? How bad is it?

Hopefully you can get back to 100% with a month or two of rest and some anti-inflammatories. Don’t forget to live by the doctor’s orders :wink:

from what i understand impingement is a diagnosis when the doctor doesnt really know what is wrong with it. i would really push to get an mri if thats possible. i was diagnosised with impingement but when i got an mri it should a labrum tear. just get an mri to make sure whats going on. hopefully nothing is seriosuly wrong and with rehab and acouple months off from throwing you will be fine. just stop throwing, it makes it worse

one of my shoulder muscles gets pinched. thats it, its a result of overthrowing, instability of the shoulder , tendinitis, sinces it is swollen it gets " stuck " when i throw. anyways, monday i have a new appointment with my therapist, ill talk about it the meanwhile , ice , rest, therapie workouts.