Shoulder impingement, Poor mechanics?


Hi guys. I pitched throughout middleschool and highschool and i am now 26. I have gotten back into baseball and am now pitching for a senior team. However, I am having issues with shoulder impingement. The inside (pretty much the soft spot between your peck and your shoulder) gets pretty inflamed. I never had a solid arm slot when I was a kid. I pitched side-arm, complete overhand, and 3/4. Now that I am older and getting back into things, I am not sure what style would be the “least” likely to cause any more impingement. I attached a very short video of a sample throw. Right now I am favoring as i guess i call it “complete overhand”. Is this style bad for your shoulder? Could this be what possibly caused my issue in the first place?

Throwing Form

Anyways, I am currently following a stretching program and not going too crazy at the moment. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you guys!


Pain in the front of your shoulder can be a lot of things. However, I tend to find that it usually comes from poor shoulder stabilization by the rotator cuff or over trained lats (is throwing shoulder lower then non throwing?) Your scapula is responsible for connecting your arm (humerous) to the body. If your cuff and other muscles don’t work properly the humerous will slide forward and bang in that socket causing pain. I’d hit some cuff strengthening exercises especially some prone low trap raises.


Striding to the throwing arm side and throwing across your body can cause a front-side impingement.


I would try rolling that area with a lacrosse ball up again the wall. You can prop the the lacrosse ball on a book if you want.