Shoulder / Hip seperation & Throwing off-season

How does this shoulder / hip seperation feel? I have tried it and my speed has actually gone down, when I try to do it. I guess I am doing it wrong. Also, for those training in the offseason what type of throwing program are you on? Can you give me an example?

How are you timing yourself? You actually own a radar gun?

I’ve found I can delay shoulder rotation longer if during my stride I keep my glove higher than or eqaul to me front shoulder

Yes. I own a radar gun

impressive… wish I had one of them … how much was it?

It belongs to my friend. Who uses it for the local minor league team here (hudson valley renegades , penn league). It’s a jugs radar gun and I think he said it costs about a $1000.00 dollars.

When ever you make changes to your mechanics, you should expect to get worse before getting better. I don’t know how long you have been practicing the hip/shoulder separation but maybe you just need to give it some time. You need to become comfortable with it.

Thanks Roger. I will keep at it. I figured as much.