shoulder discomfort

its not a pain but its a slight discomfort in the front of my shoulder in a small area just above the middle of the shoulder

only happens when i throw, maybe 4-5 times out of 100 throws but was just wondering if its anything to be worried about or if im just being a baby

Just ice it anyway and take some ibuprofen as an anti-inflammatory. Warm up properly and limit your throws (throwing more will probably just aggravate it). Hold up on the long-toss if you’re doing a lot of that (every other day if your arm is fine), but if the pain starts to grow, you may have tendonitis like I have (I’m assuming you got that picture from my post). The prescription was just to rest, but knowing baseball players, you’ll want to do anything but that. Keep an eye on it, I’d say.

We’ve got to find some way to throw more or else we will never get better (unless you already throw 90+, good accuracy, and are a closer).

hmm… diet? conditioning? not ENOUGH throwing? mechanics? wasn’t meant to be?

I refuse to believe “ice it and drug yourself up” is the solution to these problems.

I feel as soon as the cause can be addressed, the problem can be attacked and a solution can be found.