Shoulder discomfort

I had some weird shoulder discomfort today. It is my right arm (pitching arm) on the outside. Not really sure how to explain it but its below the bone in your shoulder. Anyway I also a little discomfort on (I’m guessing here not 100% sure but I think I’m wrong) my traps. That muscle above your collar bone. (I’m pretty sure I’m wrong)

Actually to be honest its a sharp pain in my shoulder but it doesnt really hurt its just annoying. I think it was from lack of good stretching and bad warm ups since i was rushed today. I’m just asking in case it might be serious. Still hurts a little and my game ended 30 minutes ago. The pain above my collar bone is dull but feels like someone is pulling on it. (I just pulled on it and its not as vivid [couldn’t think of the word to use here so I guess vivid works??] as that but it is annoying)

Quick side note. Also angry cause I missed a grad slam by a couple of feet. Noty a home run hitter but I have some power. I tried changing my swing(my dad wanted me to stop diping) and I completely sucked for teo days barely tipping the ball and stuck out 4/5 at bats but I did walk once. I changed back today and hit a deep fly ball almost in the parking lot (it wasnt really that far but it was real close. Anyone know how to get a little extra oomph on your swing? (Oh and a couple of people also told me a didn’t finish my swing)

It also probably doesn’t help that in 17 innings I’ve thrown 259 pitches. I never really get pain in my shoulder either.

How old are you and when did you pitch 17 innings? How much rest did you have in between them?

  1. Play in Babe Ruth 14-15 (Birthday after the season started) and I pitched:
    6 innings: 106 pitches Tuesday May 29th My arm felt fine.
    4 innings: 57 pitches Tuesday June 5th My arm felt fine.
    2 innings: 30 pitches Saturday June 9th My arm felt fine.
    5 innings: 66 pitches Today (Tuesday June 12th) Discomfort when pitching and after game.

thats my pitching log. I gotta update it a little and make minor changes but scroll all the way down for the latest stuff.

I had this same problem during my spring baseball season, it started after my arm made a big popping sound after waking up, i threw and it was alright but kinda sore, but then later in the day when i was sitting around i could feel pain where you are talking about and a shooting pain would go down my arm, i went to a bone and joint specialist who told me no pitching for two weeks and to do jobe exercises while taking aleve twice a day, to make a long story short i’m fine now, but my advice to you is to take a cpl of days of and if the pain continues go see a doctor

I have a break from now untill Saturday and I wont pitch then so I do have a pretty long time off. I still feel my shoulder (a little above my collar bone) and its better today(not a lot better) but it still feels weird. I’ll see what happens with a couple more days rest thanks Packerfreek