Shoulder discomfort

i pitch in college and have recently been fooling around with the rotation of my shoulders. I have been delaying rotation to see if i can get any more velocity. After i threw the other day my shoulder was sore, in the shoulder blades. I was just wondering because i have never felt any soreness there, usually only my bicep or elbow. I think that maybe my timing isnt used to the delayed rotation or something. I also understand that it was my first bullpen since christmas break so it might just be that my arm isnt in shape yet. Anyways if anybody has any comments on this i would appreciate it.

You should have not fooled around with delaying the shoulder. You might not be in baseball shape. Do you have a video of your self pitching. I advise to stop throwing till pain goes away if you have pain in a week see a sports doctor Orthopedic.

Maybe, in order to delay your shoulder rotation, you’re pulling your throwing shoulder back harder than normal and working some backside muscles more than you normally do.

ya that could be it, but its not a big deal because theres not really pain, it just feels like a knot, im going to just do what feels comfortable anyway

Soreness is different than pain and isn’t always bad. Since this was your first bullpen in a while, it’s not completely surprising.

However, it may suggest that you started out too quickly or are not conditioning your entire shoulder complex (of which the shoulder blade or scapula is a key part).

By trying to delay shoulder rotation were you keeping your upper body back longer?

i didnt really notice, why