Shoulder discomfort please help

ok well ive been starting to have shoulder pains again but different kind of pains. about two years ago i had labrum surgery and wasnt sure if it was that acting up again so i ignored it because it wasnt as frequent but now when i try to throw over 70% i feel like my shoulder(i think my rotator cuff) gets pinched/kinda get caught on something. does anyone know what it might be?

There are many things (ex:tendonitis, impingment, scar tissue to name just a few) that could be causing your shoulder pain. Since you have had surgery get back into your Ortho for an eval so you can find out for sure whats going on. Doing the wrong thing could cause more harm to your shoulder.

Agreed. And if you need to, get an MRI. You need to find out exactly what the problem is, and your orthopedic surgeon is the person who can best pin it down and advise you how to proceed. 8)