Shoulder damage (WITH PICTURES)

I broke my left collar bone in football (I am a righty pitcher).
when I went to see a doctor, he tried the following experiment (picture A&B) with both my right and left arm. He pushed my left arm down much farther then my right arm (as you can see in the pictures). I asked why my left arm was much more flexible then my right arm. (I would think it would be the other way around). And he said it was because I have damaged my right shoulder from pitching too much.

Has anyone ever heard of this or done this experiment?

What can I do to cure my right shoulder?

Picture A (Left arm)

Picture B (Right arm)

Tennis players have muscle imbalances, too. As do a lot of pitchers. Don’t think it’s a bad thing necessarily. The key is to get healthy and get back to good form again.

Should I rest my arm and not throw until baseball season/a little before baseball season? or do you think it would be good if I play some catch right now?

what the doctor did was test your internal range of motion with the sleeper stretch. most pitchers have lots more external rotation and less internal rotation on their throwing shoulder than on the other. you should be doing the sleeper stretch daily to balance your shoulder.

Check out this article
for further explanation.