Shoulder clicking

My shoulder and elbow used to crack/click/pop occasionally. Never worried me because it didn’t hurt and it wasn’t too often, couple times a day maybe. But in the last month or two (ever since I started having 60-90 pitch outings), I’ve had to crack my shoulder after every single throw (and quite often throughout the day as well- once every ten minutes or so) otherwise it starts to feel “stuck” and it hurts if I throw it without cracking it. It feels better after I make it pop. But it’s annoying. Also takes several days for the front of my shoulder to stop being sore after an outing. One of my coaches is a massage therapist and he says I’m going to need to get that checked out, get treatment for it eventually. Has anyone else had experience with their arm cracking so frequently? Any ideas as to what this is- fatigue or perhaps a bigger problem?

I’m going through the same thing right now, would love a response. I’ve just been resting and icing 10-15 every day or two once or twice and it’s getting better. I just throw and it eventually stops cracking, it hurts though once I reach 60ish pitches though.

Well, I was waiting for someone to respond, but anyway I don’t have the prognosis, but I had this clicking in my elbow 40 years ago when I was 15 years old. Sometimes it would lock up on me, sometimes it would be painful and other times it just sounded bad. I had it until I was 20 years old and then it just went away so, I assume it had to do with growing. At the time I thought I had a bone chip floating in there, but never had surgery and after 5 years it went away. Not sure this helped any.

The pain on the front side of your shoulder is what concerns me. If it is muscular in nature then it could simply be that your level of conditioning doesn’t match your increased workload. But if the pain is in the shoulder joint then it could be an indication that some sort of damage has or may soon occur.

You should get checked out by an orthopedist/sports doc to address any medical issues. Then you should find a good pitching instructor who can assess both your mechanics and your conditioning level.