Shoulder and hip seperation

Is there a limit on how much the hips should rotate before the shoulders or is it best to rotate the hips as much as possible while keeping the shoulders closed. I’ve tried fully rotating my hips while keeping my shoulders closed and it felt awkward like I lost a little power.

Fully rotating the hips before letting the shoulders rotate maximizes the stretch in the torso to pull the shoulders around. In other words, it transfers the most energy from hips to shoulders.

It is going to feel weird at first if you never done it before. Keep practicing and go slow at it really putting emphasise on the movements. Then work on speeding it up.

The limit is determined by your body. General strength, and specifically core strength, will enable you to create more hip/shoulder separation (the difference between hips at max rotation and shoulder position at the same point…theoretically, the farther apart they are, the more power is generated)

There are systems out there that are directed specifically at pitching that deal with tubing and other exercises that help develop suppleness and strength in the core, which is essential if you’re going to maximize your hip/shoulder separation; after all, the hips and shoulders are connected by your core and it translates the energy built up by the hip rotation into the shoulders like a twisted rubber band.

So in a perfect world there would be no limit to hip rotation. And if you work on it, you can get to you max potential without losing strength (which I think is why you feel you’re losing power).

The Hose