Should you take a warmup jog before doing your sprints?

in the MLB pitcher’s sprinting section of tuffcuff there is a sprinting scheduele. should i take a warmup jog before sprinting, or should i go immediately to my sprints?

i would say most definitely jog a few mins before sprinting, and make sure your leg muscles are good and stretched out before attempting a full speed sprint.

one time i went to go work on my sprinting, my legs were a little sore from running a few days before and i started off with a quick jog but i didn’t stretch my quads enough and i got about 15 yrds out on my first sprint and it felt like somebody stabbed a knife into both my quads and i wasn’t able to sprint full speed for a couple weeks.

so i suggest make sure you are good and loose and warm before you attempt a sprinting workout, explosive movements can result in explosive injuries.